We are committed to providing your design and engineering team a seamless connection and the highest level of manufacturing excellence and expertise.


We offer state-of-the-art mechanical press control packages, modern transfer and progressive stamping presses, automatic coil feeds, laser welding, and precise robotic controllers to ensure you receive high quality stampings and assemblies. We have used stamping for the following:

Headers and roof bows
Engine, console and chassis brackets
Floor pan assemblies
Floor pan and radiator supports
Heat shields

Drive plates and flex plates
Door beams
AHSS material
Tow systems
Oil pans


Midway Products Group, Inc. has the capability to perform machining operations with our CNC Lathes. These highly flexible machines can cut material when the designs require precise accuracy and small tolerances. These, along with our balance and in-line weld equipment, are ideal for manufacturing the following products:

Drive plates
Flex plates
Other precise tolerance engine and transmission equipment
Laser welding


When the project requires roll forming, drawing, blanking or piercing, Midway Products Group, Inc.’s facilities can supply all of these processes, as well as any secondary operations, including drilling, tapping, deburring, riveting and a variety of welding processes. Midway Products Group, Inc. has used roll forming for products such as the following:

Sliding door tracks
Drip rails, crossmembers and roof rails
Tow systems
Window frames

Glass channels
Door beams


We are capable of performing a variety of welding processes, including
resistance, robotic spot welding, projection welds, hard and flexible automated spot welds, robotic, hard and flexible automated, and manual welds. Additional applications include metal clinching, spin riveting, heat staking, bonding and flexible tooling. We run computer-controlled tooling to ensure the highest levels of quality, efficiency, flexibility and safety, with capabilities including quick-change tooling, laser sensors and vision systems. Midway Products Group, Inc. manufactures many automotive components, including the following:

Hinges and latches
Door lift gates and hoods
AB Rings
Battery Trays

Sliding door tracks and roller assemblies
Fuel tank straps
Floor Pan Assembly
Body Components


Midway Products Group, Inc. has preform and hydroform capabilities, with a 5,500-ton variable pressure Schuler hydroform press. We have produced a variety of products using hydroforming, including front-end structure modules, front body rails, roof rails, closures, d-pillars and tow systems.


As a premier coatings applicator, Midway Products Group, Inc. provides the technology, leadership and ability to do both e-coat and powder coat in-house, serving a broad spectrum of the automotive industry. Electro-coating readily conforms to complex configurations and yet maintains engineered tolerances on parts, ensuring intended operating functions. Midway Products Group, Inc.’s paint line coats internal surfaces, deep recesses, fasteners and all sizes of parts with a uniform coating, with no sags or runs.


The Midway Products Group, Inc. commitment to quality and continuous improvement is demonstrated by the in-house testing at our facilities. The comprehensive quality testing measures help us deliver the right part, built the right way, to perform well under rigorous use. Midway Products Group, Inc.’s testing facility is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. Capabilities include durability and cycle testing, load and tensile testing, environmental and salt spray tests.